Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-GlassAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll
Resume Follow Alice, trought the Rabbit hole, when she discovers Wonderland.
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“how do you read that book”
“I pretend i’m seven again, and i just go for it.”
I’ve always wanted to read Alice in Wonderland in english. It was one of my favorite stories when i was younger, and i’ve written in my “a 100 thing to do before death” list that i would read Alice in Wonderland in english one day. So, when i found the list again after my grand mother’s death… I decided to give it a go. I think i was 8 or 10 when i wrote it, and it has “becoming princess of the moon” on it, but there was stuff i could to, as an adult. (even if being a princess in the moon still sounds good to me.)
(no, i didn’t take any illegal substance before writing this.)
So, i’ve bought the book, a special edition from Barnes and Noble (because i love purple, so when i saw there was a purple edition, i needed it. for real.)
And i read it.
Once. As an adult. It was full of nonsens and i wasn’t sure if i liked it.
So, i reread it. As if i were 7yo me. And i loved it. It transported me in wonderland, and it made me really want to live there, to beat the bad queen, to help the white one. Somehow, even painting the roses seemed good to me. Really.
I really think it is not a book you can read as an adult. It is a book you have to read as a child in order to be transported in that land of nonsens… You see, only children can understand the nonsens… and give it sens.

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